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How We Got So Fast

Most websites get dismal speed scores at Google page speed, ranking in the '60s' or so, and WordPress speed specialists brag about reaching a 90 score for mobile.  But we normally score '100' for both mobile and desktop. And we can get you there too.   
     But people regularly ask us how we got so much faster than even the most renowned speed specialists.   While we can't share all our secrets or proprietary code here, we can tell you a few of the basics:

  — Nginx Server
Most web hosts use Apache or similar web servers, but we use Nginx, which is what professionals and big sites use (including the WordPress site itself).   Nginx is much faster, but is avoided by shared hosting companies because it is harder for them to configure.   We get it right.  

   — NO shared server using 1,000+ sites!
   Most shared hosting companies have over a thousand sites per server! This is why they get so slow, and are prone to bugs and security attacks. We cap the number of sites per server at under 50! Yup, more than 20 times less sites per server, and that translates to speed for you. (We can even set up a unique virtual server just for you at an added $9.)

   — No page builders!
   Page builders are a type of system for designing sites, but they slow the site down because of all the extra bloated code they need to function.   We don't use page builders (unless you request them).

  — Avoid 'Gutenberg', which is a page builder.
   Some years ago WordPress introduced its own basic page-builder, called 'Gutenberg', but it adds a lot of bloated code that slows your site down.  So a fork called ClassicPress emerged that removes this and creates leaner, faster sites.

  — NO Need for a CDN !
   We achieve all these super speeds without usually needing or using a CDN (Content Delivery Network)!   From our super fast server in the New York area, we can usually load sites in about one second for all of the U.S., Western Europe, and even as far away as Brazil.  But for visitors in Asia, that might be 2 seconds, and for Australia, 3 seconds.  So if you have a lot of visitors there, you might consider a content management system, which keeps copies of your images and static files on various servers around the world, so they reach your visitors quicker. 

  But CDNs can actually slow small sites down. That's because the cache on these servers only stays there one or two days. And the first visitor who gets there afterwards has to wait an extra long time as the server looks for it, and reloads the cache, all before sending it to your visitor. This is called ‘warming the cache’.  If you don't have a lot of daily visitors in these distant places, then it's probably not worth it, as CDNs can be expensive and troublesome to manage. You can talk to us about your case. (Also, we plan to open a server in Singapore soon.)

Manged Websites & Custom Themes:

— Managed plugins and websites:
We can manage your website and plugins for you, if you like. Other web hosts won't do this, and leave you on your own, experimenting with various plugins that end up slowing down your site and making it vulnerable to hackers. We offer to manage and fine-tune the plugins to give you all the features you request, but keep your site running secure and fast. While there are a few managed hosting services out there, they charge $40/month and up. We do this for less than 1/4th of their prices!

— Custom-made, Speedy Themes:
There are many 1,000s of site themes for WordPress, etc., to change your site's appearance, and many are free.   But most are not efficient, and tend to slow your site down, and also are limited in their customizability.
    You could buy a custom-made theme, but these cost hundreds of $$$.   Or, if you're with us, we can do a basic, custom theme for little or nothing.   Our themes are optimized for speed, they are streamlined, without bloat (small CSS style sheets and little or no JavaScript). This raises your speed score with Google, and improves SEO!

— Static Sites
The fastest and most secure websites, by far, are 'static sites', where the html pages are pre-made, as opposed to the much more common 'dynamic pages' that are processed on the server when a user requests a page.  We are specialists in offering static page options, even on WordPress sites.   And even with a user commenting system that works on static pages! (That's hard to find anywhere else).  

 —  Our own Site-Creator CMS
We also have our own CMS (Content Management System) that is an option to speed things up.

— Our proprietary speed secrets
We also have our own, proprietary code secrets that speed things up.  
Try us, free. We'll help you get a top speed score at Google page speed!   And that will help boost your SEO rankings, so that more people find your site.
Be amazed how fast your site can be!

— No lock-in!  
You can back up and export your content to any other server company, anytime you wish. You'll have all your content, you just won't have our ultra fast load times there. (And you'll miss our friendly customizing services.)