WiseIdea Tech


Web Design & Hosting

Let us create a custom web design for you, and host and maintain your website,  —  including business e-Commerce catalogs and web stores.   With very personalized attention, — we're always just a phone call away:  802 372-1162.  And we have rate plans as little as $6 per month!

'Responsive' web site themes. These are site themes we design that 'adapt' themselves to whatever size screen the user has, be it mobile, tablet, or wide screen desktop.
See examples of our new 'responsive' web themes, for websites that adapt to different screens sizes:    'RESPONSIVE' Theme Examples for both Mobile & Desktop users

We offer a choice of several CMS (Content Management Systems), that allow you to login and add to or edit your site easily.   These include WordPress, or our own 'WiseIdea Site Creator CMS'.

WiseIdea Site Creator CMS

Our own Site Creator CMS is much easier to use than WordPress, loads and runs your pages much faster, and is more secure and more affordable as well.

Speed-up WordPress

WordPress has a well-known reputation for slowness.   But there are several ways we can speed it up greatly for you.   We have scripts that 'optimize' the loading speed.   Or, we can create 'static' pages from your WP site, which will load faster still.   Or, we can convert it to the 'WiseIdea CMS', which is even faster.

Word to Website

Write your website pages in your word processor.   Email them to us, and we convert it your website.   Editing services, grammar checks, and professional writing services are also available.  

Voice to Website

Speak your website! Voice record it and send or upload your recording.   We'll transcribe it, and turn it into a web page.   You can log in and make any changes that you want. 

WordPress & ClassicPress

Here you can read about our WordPress & ClassicPress sites, and compare them, their features and pros and cons, and which type of CMS system might be best for you.  https://wiseideatech.com/classicpress/


UI/UX, Accessibility, and QA Services

The User Interface Experience (UI/UX) is a BIG factor in determining how well your site visitors will respond to and like your site.   This, and the related 'accessibility concerns', is one of our specialties.   Let us help you design a site that will be easy and engaging for all your visitors.   Or let us do an assessment of your current site.

SEO / SEM Search Engine Marketing

Marketing your website and getting it to rank well on google searches is a prime consideration for any business.   We have a variety of plans to suit different needs an budgets.   (SEO is 'Search Engine Optimization')

Graphic Arts & Drawings

We have several artists and desingers that work with us, bringing you top notch graphics and artwork for your web pages.

Blogs for the Blind

Due to our special interests in accessiblity, we offer a new service custom made to assist visually challenged users in creating, writing, and maintaining a blog or website, using special software.

Tutorials, Writings & Editing Services

If you're not a writer, we can write the content for your site.   Anything from common copywriting to technical writing.   Or, we can edit and proofread your work.

Translation & Localization

We can translate your site and set it up to work differently in different locales around the world.



Custom PHP Web Development

We do custom development for customers who have particular database or other organizational needs.  Make your site interactive!


'WiseSaves':  Software to download entire photo galleries,  (or entire web sites!),  —  with just 1 click.
You can watch a slideshow of pictures as they are being saved automatically to your computer.
Save a multi-page news article all with 1-click, to its own folder.  Automatic naming possible. Free for personal, limited use.  Liteware.


We are currently developing an app to help the visually challenged use their computer more efficiently.   Not just a magnifier app, this program consists of many visual tweaks, as well as shortcuts to get things done easier.  Works well with the 'Wise Keyboard' below.

WiseIdea Keyboard

A Free  'Hotkey' (Shortcut key) Program. The use of keyboard shortcuts can greatly ease and speed up computing, creating a real rise in productivity.
Most 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' and RSI can be prevented, or even cured, by avoiding the mouse and using the keyboard instead.
Read More: Tour our Keyboard Shortcuts Program. Or see the Web's Most Complete list of Keyboard Shortcut Keys!