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Fastest Loading Website Hosting

On ultrafast NGINX web servers.
We offer WordPress, ClassicPress, and our own CMS.  This is a screenshot of our '100' speed score at Google PageSpeed :

Very few websites, even the top professionals in speed optimization, can get anywhere near all '100' scores from Google's demanding PageSpeed test.  But we do!  For both Mobile and Desktop!  And we can help get your site there too.  That will help boost your SEO rankings, so that more people find your site.
Be amazed how fast your site can be!
See how we do it: How We Got So Fast

Speed-up WordPress

WordPress has a reputation for slowness.  But we have many ways that can speed it up greatly for you.  We go far beyond just using a 'cache'.  We have scripts that 'optimize' the loading speed and the plugins and manage all this for you.  We can also customize unique design themes that are light and superfast.  And the proof is in our page speed scores.  And we have rate plans....
As little as $5 /month!

WordPress & ClassicPress

Here you can read about our WordPress & ClassicPress sites, and compare them, their features and pros and cons, and which type of CMS system might be best for you: ClassicPress

'Managed' Websites

We don't just 'host' your WordPress or website on our servers, we can 'manage' it for you as well.  That means we take care of all the security, ensure the optimum performance, and set up and maintain the various plugins and settings to give you all the functionality you desire.  In addition, you can call us to speak to us (365 days/year) about your site.  (Most hosting companies never deal with any of this.)   

WiseIdea Site Creator CMS

We also have our own 'Site Creator CMS', which is a simpler alternative to WordPress or ClassicPress.  It doesn't have all the plugins and functionality and themes of WordPress, but is simple to use, loads your pages faster, and is great for basic sites.  If you call us, we can discuss your needs and advise you as to which system would be better for you. 

Custom Web Designs

We can create a unique, custom web design for you, and host and maintain your website,  —  (including business e-Commerce sites).   We offer very personalized attention, — and we're always just a phone call away:

Call:  802 372-1162

Here are some of our Design Themes & Sites We’ve Done
(Or of course, you can use any of the 1,000s of WordPress themes, many for free.)

UI/UX & Accessibility

The User Interface Experience (UI/UX) is a BIG factor in determining how well your site visitors will respond to and like your site.  'Accessibility' and 'readability' are a big part of this.  We specialize in this.  Let us help you design a site that will be easy on the eyes and engaging for all your visitors.  Or let us do an assessment of your current site.

Graphic Arts & Drawings

We have several artists and designers that work with us, bringing you top-notch graphics and artwork for your web pages.

Tutorials, Writings & Editing Services

If you're not a writer, we can write the content for your site.   Anything from common copywriting to technical writing.   Or, we can edit and proofread your work.